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  • Abhinav

    July 27, 2021 at 12:00 AM

    Sample from another student:

    The bar chart compares and contrasts data on the differences tin the levels of air pollution in terms of 3 various causes: electricity generation, transport and industry in China, America, Japan and Australia in 2012, measured in PPM.

    A closer look at the bar chart highlights the fact that China had the most polluted air while Australia’s atmostphere was the least pollution compared to other places. Besides, electricity generation produced the lowest levels of air pollution, expected Australia.

    Looking at China and Japan, industry was the greatest factors of all, with 80 PPM and nearly 43 PPM respectively, while electricity manufacture caused the least in both countries, around 59 PPM and 15 PPM. 70 PPM was caused by transportation in China which was 2 times more than that one in Japan ( 30 PPM).

    With different trend, America was the only nation where transpotation was the highest effect of air pollution, bringing the value up to approximately 58 PPM, followed by industry and electricity generation, at 38 PPM and 30 PPM, respectively.

    In contrast, the 3 figures in Australia showed a relatively similar effect on air pollution, being under 20 PPM, around 18 PPM in transportation and industry and nearly 19 PPM for generating electricity.

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