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  • Aishwarya

    July 27, 2021 at 12:06 AM

    The given bar graph illustrates the contribution of three main sources of air pollution among China ,America ,Japan and Australia .

    Major source of pollution in China and Japan is industries as compared to America where transport is the leading cause,however Australia has equal contribution from all three sources. The contribution of electricity in increasing air pollution levels is least in all countries except Australia where electricity exceeds slightly amongst others .

    In China transportation leads electricity by 10 ppm and lags behind by industrial emission by 10 ppm for raising air pollution levels .On the other hand in America transports causes 30 ppmmore pollution than its counterparts.

    Industries hive rise to approximately 40 ppm air pollution levels in Japan as compared to the transport and electricity which are 30 and 15 ppm respectively . At last, in Australia all three causes contribute equally which is 20 ppm .

    To summarise ,China is the leading in contribution to increasing level of air pollution among all three nations with Australia contributing the least .

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