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  • Shyam

    July 27, 2021 at 10:43 AM

    It is always debatable, that during schooling, grammar should be in curriculum or not. As people think if anyone knows vocabulary and able to pronounce those words, not necessary to understand grammar rules. These days many people are attending speaking classes, whereas others are giving preference to grammar. Grammar plays vital role in personal and professional life. When a person use grammar in writing and speaking it usually make it lucid and provide the basic foundation which also give confidence. Proper use of grammar and cohesive devices make the structure with proper meaning of the sentence.

    Grammar has wide range like noun, pronoun, adjective, tenses, active, passive and many others, when we use these grammar rules in our writing and speaking it shows variety. In addition, with better expression of words and thought process using simple, short even complex sentences, nevertheless, some people are not attempting these in daily routine.

    When it comes to speaking, people not pay much attention on grammar, but in writing it gives sudden impact on reader’s mind. People who did not learn grammar in school are not much confident in writing but they are good speaker. It does not mean being a good speaker, you do not need grammar. Since, they are following many grammar corrector applications in writing letters over email and documents as well. Many are learning grammar rules in spite, they do not have enough time.

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