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  • Achal

    July 27, 2021 at 8:55 PM

    In my view, I strongly support the idea to teach survival skills like cooking, giving first aid, basic self-defense to every teenager, irrespective of their gender, caste, creed, religion, race etc.

    In Today’s world, every teenager should be educated what is good and bad for them. Now a days, we are hearing lot of cases when small kids or teenagers are being smuggled to different countries or cities by human traffickers for child labor, bagging, and child sex purposes. If they are taught some basic self-defense technique such as how to raise SoS, call police, how not to fall into trap or even some basic fighting skills, this can often help them to save their lives.

    Another important skill should be learnt by teenagers is cooking, in my view, all teenagers should know basics about cooking. If the parents are not around and If the kid doesn’t know how to cook, they end up eating mostly junk foods like burger, pizza, chips etc, which is very harmful for their health. In my view, be it girl or boy, they should at least know how to prepare some easy-to-prepare food like sandwiches etc. Teenagers also would soon be going to colleges which might not be at the same place where they live with their parents, so it’s very important that they learn this skill and if needed when there is no family members with them, they can cook some food to survive.

    Just like other survival skills, having knowledge about First Aid is very important for teenagers, most of the teenagers are involved in highly intensive sports activities like Football, Running, Basketball, Cricket, Swimming etc. Mostly teenagers are prone to get hurt while playing in these sports, and it could be an emergency situation as well if they don’t take actions on time for example, if someone is hurt badly and bleed heavily or someone is drowned while swimming and his/her lungs are filled with water, So if immediate action such as giving first-aid or calling ambulance is not taken then kid’s life could be in danger but if they know what to be done in such emergency situations such as giving first aid to stop bleeding and calling ambulance, Eventually they will improve chances for Kid’s survival.

    To conclude, No matter from where, what caste, religion, gender, a teenager is coming from, everyone should have access and be taught all basic survival skills.

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