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  • Rittika

    July 27, 2021 at 9:01 PM

    We live in the world where life is uncertain and we have to battle everyday for survival, anything can happen anytime, if a person knows about some survival skills then the person can win the battle. Here I am going to mention the importance of survival skills. In my opinion everybody should have survival skills like building shelter, first-aid, cooking food, making fire etc. Gender, caste, religion, age doesn’t matter here because disaster does not strike with an alarm that it is just going to affect particular gender or caste people, if the humans know about the basic survival then they can come out from the worst situation.

    Parents and teacher should initiate to teach the survival skills to the kids. We all should be prepare for the situations. We can take the recent example of corona pandemic where some parents or kids were affected due to Covid 19 and struggling to cook food because nobody taught them. Why? Most of the people are having domestic helpers at their home, so in this fast life we don’t get the time to teach kids about making fire and cooking food. Do you know? Human can survive weeks without food or can live in temporary shelter but can’t survive without purified water, so if we stuck somewhere we should know how can we get the purified water. There any many examples around us where we have seen the considerate people to help others by providing the first aid in accidents, think if nobody knows about the first aid will we be able to save somebody’s life in emergency?

    The the concern is how and when can we teach these skills? There are many ways of teaching these skills, in schools teachers should be trained to teach basic survival skills and they should assign the practical task to their student so that they can also reflect their learning and teach somebody else and government should also put some efforts so that everybody should get this training. A warrior can’t fight without sharp weapon. We humans are having all the skills but we have to be good at it and for that we all need to learn and teach survival skills.

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