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  • Jasmeet

    July 27, 2021 at 10:04 PM

    There is no doubt that without money survival is difficult, but it would be wrong to say that money is the most crucial factor in stimulating happiness. In my opinion, people can live their life joyfully without deep pockets. Job satisfaction and family support are the different reasons which brings happiness.

    Money cannot define one’s happiness. It is not necessary that people with lot of money are always happy as they might always be in fear of losing that money. The actual happiness comes from within the soul. The more the money, higher the social insecurity. People can live a happy and healthy life even if they don’t have adequate financial resources. For instance, people in developing countries enjoys stronger family bonds and simple life as compared to the developed nations.

    Other factors which contribute happiness are job satisfaction, family support and helping each other in need. No matter how much the salary is, if a person is not satisfied with the task he is performing, he can’t be defined as a happy man. In addition to this, the role of caring and loving family plays a vital role in the person’s life. For instance, if something is earning enough for himself and he doesn’t have his family around due to some issues, he won’t be happy either in that case. Lastly, some people find their real happiness in helping others in need. They feel a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind.

    In conclusion, money can off course bring happiness but for shorter period, for long lasting happiness job satisfaction and family are of paramount importance. One can cheerfully live his life if judiciously spend his capital.

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