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  • Aishwarya

    July 28, 2021 at 7:35 PM

    Healthcare sector is facing substantial difficulties due to the rising problem of obesity .Some people believe that physical education should be made mandatory at school.This essay will argue why it is crucial to inculcate the habit of exercise at a young age despite the opposition from some people .

    Parents prefer that thier children study hard ,even if it is derogatory to their health .Moreover the pressure of getting into a good college has inclined students to devote more time to cramming subjects as compared to burning calories in the sun .Consequently ,giving rise to the problem of increase in number of overweight people. For instance ,my cousin Ruchi is a total bookworm who hates to exercise and prefers reading quietly in her room, afraid that she might score less than her classmates .Overall extra curricular activities are frowned upon by parents let alone a subject dedicated to excercise .

    On the other hand some people believe that regular exercise is a helping hand not only for the health of children but also helps in unburdening the healthcare system .More the exercise the lesser the possibility of becoming overweight,thus nipping the problem at bud stage.Physical education lessons will not only motivate students to excercise but also gain knowledge about the importance of exercise and awareness about weight related disorders . For instance national welfare Society published that people who exercise daily for 15 minutes are 80% less prone to diseases like hypertension and diabetes .Overall addition of physical education is rewarding for children as well as healthcare system .

    This essay argues that it is essential collaberate physical education and theory syllabus of schools despite the effect that it might have on their studies .In my opinion I completely agree about the vital role that physical education plays in maintaining a healthy body and decreasing the troubles of the healthcare professionals.

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