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  • Nilesh

    July 28, 2021 at 7:45 PM

    The growing sedentary job culture in our society responsible for creating the fleshy creatures & this is mainly due to the ignorance towards the exercise intentionally or sometimes we don’t have choice. The physical education is must for all individual to leave healthy lifestyle and this culture needs to be enroot from our school days itself.

    A major part of our society prefers to have office job which is almost 8 to 10 hours per day. This work style has severe implications on our health & most obvious side effect is obesity which cause major diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and unhealthy liver and heart. Based on the recent survey carried out by world health organization has indicated that the reason for obesity in the youth is mainly due the lack of physical exercise and unhealthy diet. As per this survey, obesity rate is highest in USA & lowest in Israel. The one of the advanced country, Israel has enforced compulsory physical training periods in school & college curriculum on daily basis and two years mandatory military training program after graduation. The discipline of physical exercise has created healthy lifestyle among the residents of Israel.

    Underdeveloped countries normally have poor health care system such as limited numbers of hospitals, shortage of health workers and medical equipment’s. The prime target of health care system is to provide treatment for elderly or needy people on time but unfit, obese normally prone to many diseases which are creating more strain and stress on the medical institutions due to limited availability of health workers as they are unable to attend all the patients at the same time.

    To conclude on above subject, the physical fitness should have highest priority in our lifestyle & it has to be part of our school curriculum itself. The healthy young generation can lead lower burden on our health care systems and strong nation.

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