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  • Kashif

    July 28, 2021 at 10:07 PM

    Poverty is a malediction for our society. If you
    really want to realize what poverty is, then you must interact with people who
    live in slums. Talk to them, ask them about their lives, their past and then
    see how difficult their lives have been. I lived a middle-class life and always
    got almost everything that I wanted, even though I had to ask my dad for many a
    time. I firmly believe that pain ideally is realized by the one who goes
    through, not by everybody. Indian Government has put in several efforts to
    improvise their lives, Huge is the number of NGOs, which claim to help the
    needy but implementation is not up to the mark and the major reasons of
    Government’s failure is nothing but the corruption. In fact, poverty and
    corruption go hand by hand. Both are mutually related to a great extent. If you
    are poor, you tend to do anything and everything that can get you some money
    and that’s where corruption comes from. However, there are numerous examples,
    where even the rich are corrupt due to the greediness for having more money.

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