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  • Vaibhav

    July 29, 2021 at 11:43 AM

    Obesity among urban populace is indeed a matter of grave concern to be contemplated upon, some people believe if educational institutions had included physical education in their curriculum, the nation would have not witnessed this predicament , however, others discard the notion of physical education in institutions as flawed and utter ignorance. This essay will argue, physical education, which is considered as only an extra curricular ever since, can prove vital in shaping up the future of the nation.

    Perhaps, the problem of overweight is prevalent across all age groups of society, and inculcating physical education only in a roster of teenagers might be a naive idea. This instead of solving real actual issues could rupture the nimble academic progress of students, thereby creating further stress and health complications. Doctors suggest obesity being more common among working men and women, implies the root cause of overweight could be sedentary work style of recent times and incorporating physical education in school agenda could be worthless.

    Having said above, physical education can induce a worthy habit in kids, of taking care of their own health alongside academics since early childhood. Essentially, this will raise the level of consciousness pertaining to health aspects in all sections of society, furthermore, it can certainly develop a conducive environment for overall well being for citizens. Psychologists quote, countries that laid more focus on sports in their school curriculum, are more healthier today. Overall, inducing physical education in parallel to academics in institutions, can prove to be a leap towards shaping up future generations.

    This essay argued that people who discourage physical education in school curriculum are missing the unparalleled advantages of it. In order to make society free of obesity, we need to work on many dimensions, and I firmly believe aligning physical education in the educational curriculum is an essential step towards this journey.

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