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  • jaidheesh

    July 29, 2021 at 3:47 PM

    A few people state that not a lot of trash from people’s homes is recycled. To combat this, they suggest that the only option is for the authorities to strictly enforce this as a requirement. I partially agree that laws are needed to be established for more waste to be recycled by people and this essay will also further elaborate on what other methods are needed.

    It is seen in today’s rural or urban society a lot of the waste is not being recycled from homes. Most of the waste is being accumulated and dumped underground when it could be recycled and be used for making something else useful. Glass bottles, cans, cardboard cartons are all being thrown and disposed of in dump pits at homes or on the roadside making it a very ugly sight. This is a dangerous practice as it cannot degrade on its own and can harm the environment and the ecosystems.

    The government can put up more regulations and enforce strict laws to curb this practice. Laws such as heavy fines for the repeated offenses will surely make people think twice before dumping their waste and not recycling it. Another way for the government to effectively make people practice recycling would be to put up clearer ways on how they can carry it out. Like the government can scatter donation boxes throughout cities where most people live so that people can donate old clothes to charity. Also, the same for recycling bins color-coded to indicate plastic, glass, and paper separately can be kept near people’s homes for easy access. And above all, if the people are not aware of the ill effects of not recycling the government should educate the people by conducting seminars and posting on social media to spread awareness.

    To sum up, I am certain that along with enforcing strict laws, the government must have a proper waste collection system in place together with educating the public and all these steps will help in the increase of recycling by people.

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