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  • Haritha

    July 29, 2021 at 7:14 PM

    Undoubtedly, Obesity is a major issue experiencing by a myriad number of people throughout the globe. Unfortunately, wealthy countries are pre-eminent. This essay will certainly analyze and the issue and figure out viable solutions.

    To commence with, The main considerable reason for obesity is having unhealthy food habits and unsurprisingly fast food is incredibly popular in developed countries. Moreover, the consumers are always hands-on in making money and they are not fascinated with healthy food. In addition to this, a sedentary lifestyle is a massive cause behind this issue and those immeasurable passive working hours make people inactive and leads to overweight. Indeed, Obesity surges many health issues such as spine correction, Diabetes, thyroid, and hypertension. Essentially, If someone is oversized and shapeless can be deprived of self-confidence, which tends to mental health issues.

    There are many possible ways to overcome this problem, predominantly developed countries people could combat it more effectively. Firstly, public awareness is a significant factor and uncountable gyms are available with required amenities though need to advertise properly. Mankind should make few amendments in one’s daily routine, for example, eliminating junk food, taking small walks instead of car to nearby places, and working out and making fitness goals are the foremost practices to overcome this obstacle.

    To conclude, although obesity is a serious issue in developed countries. However, It is not an irresolvable problem, taking relevant measures can solve this issue.

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