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  • rahul

    July 29, 2021 at 7:18 PM

    Obesity is a growing concern in many countries, especially in nations with the established economies. This essay is going to put light on this same problem and provide a logical solution to it.

    In recent times countries with an economic boom have started seeing common health concerns, which include obesity as well. The main reason for that is the quick availability of fast food and a sedentary lifestyle. For Instance, nowadays, companies like dominos/MacDonald’s can be easily found within a 500-meter radius of every city, promoting its consumption in youth. As we know, these pre-prepared foods contain a high amount of sodium and excessive fat, which promotes obesity in the body. The other aspect would be a sedentary lifestyle due to a high workload; hence, one does not burn enough calories compared to the calories he consumes.

    The practical solution to such problems is always promoting awareness in youth rather than enforcing any solution to them . The government should promote healthy living by organizing health events and opening more food centers that provide quality organic food. In contrast, MNC’s should also adapt their work culture to provide multiple breaks so that employees can avoid sitting for long hours and increases their activity level.

    In conclusion, Fighting obesity is not a one-day task but can be achieved over a period of time with some constant lifestyle changes, and hence we can avoid diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, which comes along with it.

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