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  • shakshi

    July 29, 2021 at 7:18 PM

    In the fastest growing economy people are running to fetch their goals and utilizing the technology in the most effective way due to this it has increased the ratio of unhealthy lifestyle. People are not spending time toward themselves, hence increases the problem of anxiety, stress, overweight, joint pain, and cardiovascular diseases.

    Nowadays, obesity is one of the biggest epidemic disease in rich countries which has led tremendously health problem among people due to which they are undergoing for medical treatment. According to the reports, around 70% individuals are facing overweight disorder by overeating or long sitting hours work which has encouraged an inactive lifestyle globally. Majority of people are addicted to comfortable lifestyle such as excessive usage of cars for short travel whereas it has impacted their daily lifestyle.

    In order to overcome this problem, few initiatives have been taken by private fitness organisation to revolutionize the fitness industry, in fact the approached has generated a good source of income for new ventures. However, countries like Australia, Europe, USA and presently India are adopting the fitness change and implement in their society to broaden the mindset of individuals. Furthermore, in my opinion people can also move forward and avoid using cars for short duration and shift themselves toward walking or cycling. Undoubtedly, this method will help them to start a holistic life.

    To summarise, it is important to follow an active lifestyle by bringing change in our daily habit, thus will support to overcome the problem of overweight.

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