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  • hardeep

    July 29, 2021 at 7:28 PM

    In today’s world, in spite of having large number of sports facilities, inactive lifestyle is becoming more common. This essay will discuss major issues being created by sedentary lifestyle and will suggest relevant solutions.

    There are several health problems that are created by sedentary living however obesity and joint pain are most common. Many medical articles reveal that sitting for long hours and not doing any physical activity makes us overweight because body ceases to perform all fat burning activities. Additionally, as our body is handling extra weight, joint paint gets developed over a period of time. For example, it has been published in medical research paper (in USA) that more than 60 percent people performing only sitting jobs were obese out of which 80 percent had developed joint paint at sometime in their lifespan.

    Possible solutions are extremely simple and effective; they are indulging in physical activities and making lifestyle changes. People need to get themselves involved in physical activities like running, playing outdoor games, etc which will not only burn body fat but will also increase metabolism. Moreover few lifestyle changes needs to be adopted while performing office jobs like not sitting for long hours and walking in-between, using stairs and avoiding lift, etc. These life style changes were implemented in Google and after six months it was noticed that there was reduction of 10 percent in obese people.

    In conclusion, living a sedentary life in known to cause many health problems, Obesity and joint paint being most common, however simple changes in lifestyle and getting yourself involved in physical activity is the most effective way forward to avoid such health issues.

    Being overweight is a grave issue in lot of counties, more so in economically sound ones. This essay will suggest few remedial solutions to resolve above problem by working on its root cause.

    It’s a well known fact that sedentary lifestyle is making people obese because due to inactivity, our body is not able of burn sufficient calories, which later gets deposited inside as fat. This phenomenon has been noticed more in richer countries where people mostly own and use gadget to perform day to day activities like automatic lawn mower, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, etc. Undoubtedly it’s increasing our comfort level but at the same time it’s also making us overweight. Since people living in richer countries are well off to afford such gadgets so, it has been noticed that percentage of obese people is comparatively higher in such countries.

    Talking about possible solutions, it’s obvious that changing lifestyle to increase physical activity is the only way out to deal with this problem whether we motivate and make people perform some exercise like walking, cycling, etc or we make it mandatory for all to indulge in some sports activity. It has been notices that in organizations where people are made to play outdoor game, better fitness levels have been achieved.

    To conclude, its a matter of fact that inactivity has lead to increase of obesity in many countries, majorly in richer counties. Possible solution is to change lifestyle and motivate people to indulge in physical activities.

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