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  • Pratiksha

    July 29, 2021 at 8:45 PM

    1. She went home and sat on her comfortable old wooden bed.

    2. He bought a fabulous British suit.

    3. He wants some really delicious French cheese.

    4. A pretty young girl walked into the room.

    5. He has a lot of old interesting books.

    6 She bought a new red plastic lunchbox.

    7. He is looking for a stylish black leather bag.

    8. She dropped the beautiful old plate and it

    9. I want an amazing green silk dress.

    10. She drank hot Italian black coffee.

    11. He saw an old French writing desk.

    12. I visited a spooky ancient German castle.

    13. We ate some round green English apples.

    14. I need a comfortable computer desk.

    15. They went on holiday to a beautiful small wooden cabin.

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