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  • Jasmeet

    July 29, 2021 at 9:23 PM

    The trash from home which goes for recycling is not sufficient according to some people. The only way which can double this process is that authorities should make it a legal obligation which will force people to recycle more of their waste. In my opinion, there is a great need of laws to make them aware about the reusable process and specify severe punishments to ensure proper recycling.

    To begin this, people should be made aware of avoiding certain things like use of plastic bags. They should be encouraged to use paper bags or bags made from cloth fabric. Also, it is the foremost responsibility of people to separate the waste into recycle and non- recycle and dump them in different bins. However, not many individuals are into the habit of recycling waste. This may be due to the negligence or lack of time.

    A new recycling law will ensure that enough waste is getting recycled because people are very careless about their waste management. People will abide by the rules only if there would be certain laws pertaining to that and from the concern of punishment or fine. For instance, people merely used to follow traffic rules in the past, however, with the strict fines and punishment, they have started following them and do not dare to cross the red light these days. Similarly, if the authorities start penalizing the defaulters, people will start this process out of fear. Government should also come up with idea of rewarding people for their extra efforts and for less waste produced by them.

    In conclusion, government should install large number of different bins at public places and ensure people abiding by the rules. More of advertisements related to this should be shown on television and radio. Children at school should be taught about the recycling process and how it can save our environment.

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