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  • Nidhi

    July 29, 2021 at 10:11 PM

    With changes in lifestyle people are suffering with multiple health related issues. Moreover with upcoming technologies manual works are reducing and causing overweight. Since competition is increasing in every fields, mental and emotional stress has also become more frequent. I partially agree that including physical education in student’s curriculum could have an impact.<div>

    Physical education should be included as a curriculum in a student’s life as school is the foundation. However it should be applied in a form where students could find it more pleasurable and entertaining. Physical education should be an amalgamation of sports, yoga, exercise and must include dietary guidance.If there is no intake of balanced diet no matter what intensity you put on physical training it would go in vain, therefore athletes are provided dietician in addition to a trainer.If we rely on these effortless way of living then it could result in obesity among people. Females are majorly suffering from thyroid due to stress and obesity, outnumbering hormonal and metabolic dysfunction. Hence, schools should encourage physical education through various systemic events.

    Physical education and fitness is not a necessity as it is often mistaken with perfect body shapes. Genes do play a major role in our body structurally and functionally so each of us has different metabolism. Students should be taught to love their body as well as to not judge others based on their physical appearance or else it would give rise to stigma and prejudice which will impact mental health. Mental health is equally significant to physical health. Princess Diana had bulimia nervosa, an eating disorder that results due to psychological issues creating an urge to vomit after binge eating. This is redundant and injurious form of maintaining their physique. Therefore physical education is not a necessity but one should be taught acceptance and should be given proper awareness towards mental as well as physical health.

    In my opinion a curriculum should incorporate and focus on psychology, value education in addition to physical education. There should be proper guidance on health and fitness by a certified trainer not only for students but people all across.


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