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    July 30, 2021 at 9:06 AM

    Nowadays obesity is serious issue faced by many people living in rich countries. This essay I will be discussing about the main problems associated with the obesity and some solutions to avoid and recover from them.

    The main problems caused by obesity are overweight,risk of heart disease,high blood pressure. A growing number of obesity researcher shows that sitting long periods in one place,food and genetics, Which leads to overweight and obesity. This is because people sit in one place and do not move for hours and in addition they eat constantly. Moreover, a lot of studies have also named it as ‘sitting disease’ which often results overweight and backbone problems. For example, it is proven that 85% people working in cooperate companies are majorly suffering from obesity and backbone problems.

    In my opinion, the best solutions to this problem is by doing exercises and eating healthy food. Firstly, million of people tend to do physical activities in an easier manner which leads to obesity. Therefore, exercising is an effective was to make people more active, which make their body move frequently. Exercises include walking, jogging, and many more which helps the body recover form the obesity. Moreover, Eating outside foods increase the obesity and health issues. In addition, most of the people exercise daily but eat outside foods which effect their health. So by eating healthy foods everyday, which are home made and eating more vegetables, fruits and nuts helps the body to get more nutrition and healthy.

    In conclusion, leading a healthy life and taking care of ourselves is most important and refuse the risk of getting health problems, including obesity and backbone problems. The most effective solution is to exercise daily and eat healthy food.

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