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  • Suraj

    July 30, 2021 at 9:30 AM

    As people around the globe got richer, they also got fatter making obesity one of the major world issues. The financial ability to eat sweets and junk food without a concern for money brought about serious consequences to health. This essay will discuss feasible ways to overcome this problem.

    The main reasons for people putting on weight is that they do not keep check on what they eat and lack of physical activity. As it provided ample energy, food with high amounts of sugar and fat was a luxury human ancestors who were living in the wild craved for and we inherited this craving. This food did not cause any issues to our ancestors as they rarely had the chance to eat them which is not the case for the current generation. For instance, 60% of USA’s population suffer from obesity.

    Some ways we can solve the problem is making people aware of the consequences of bad diet and encouraging them to exercise regularly. The governments have to provide proper guidelines on how much a certain type of food one can consume per day. Charity marathons is one way to encourage physical activity. For example, marathon organizers can get their funding from the government and donate a dollar for each kilometer one runs, thereby encouraging donations and a healthy lifestyle.

    To conclude, obesity is a problem caused due to lack of awareness and can be solved if the governments encourage a healthy lifestyle by providing proper guidelines for diet and sport. A lot of information on proper diet is available online and each of us should take necessary steps to better our health.

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