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  • Vignesh

    July 30, 2021 at 9:42 AM

    The advancement in science and technology has made people lead a much more sophisticated and comfortable life. However, it has adversely provided the stimuli for people to lead a sedentary life without concerns about their health. It has created a serious health issue of obesity amongst the masses, especially in developed countries. This essay will analyze the issue and provide a feasible solution.

    The major causes of obesity are over-reliance on technology and having unhealthy food habits. In developed economies, technological advancements are exposed to people much earlier compared to those in developing countries, which in some way or other is attributed to their stationary lifestyle. Moreover, after the advent of e-commerce firms, people are now even reluctant to get out of their homes as everything can be ordered online and delivered to their doorstep. Nowadays in every major city, there is a fast-food restaurant every 500 meters serving loads of junk food, which when consumed regularly by an innate city dweller would only Fastracks his way towards obesity.

    One viable solution to overcome this muddle is that the government should initiate a campaign and create awareness amongst people to lead a healthy lifestyle. If people are educated about the causes of obesity, it would propel them in taking steps towards leading a healthy life. Furthermore, providing affordable memberships in gyms and other sporting facilities would create wonders in the long run. Companies should invest in creating fitness centers and provide healthy food to their employees. For Instance, workers with long working hours can be made to break intermittently to indulge in fitness activities, thus breaking their sedentary time in front of a computer screen.

    To summarize, obesity is mainly caused due to inactive lifestyle which is a result of over-reliance on technology. Hence people should invest more time and money to remain healthy and governments should also guide them by educating them on the ill effects of obesity.

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