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  • Dipti

    July 30, 2021 at 10:11 AM

    Now a days, the countries which are technology driven generally suffer from the problem of obesity. This essay will draw your attention to the problems associated with this notion and suggest some solutions to curb this situation.

    The substantial reason of obesity is elevation of artificial intelligence & robotics technologies in the developed countries around the globe. These technologies have been developed to decline the significant amount of manual work at the workplace, as most of the repetitive & subtle work which was performed by the humans earlier, now performed by robots or automation. It’s been noticed recently, that the people suffering from obesity problems has been increased in the developed countries rather than developing countries due to rise of colossus technologies.

    In my opinion, the rational solution to this problem is to increase the numbers of jobs which should be human driven & curtail more physical strength rather than obsoleting manual jobs & replacing it by machines. After observing the increase of sedentary lifestyle, most of the organizations in the developed countries have changed their working culture and mindset and stopped automating their all processes & start promoting physical work and activities at their workplace to make employees more active, mobile & free from diseases.

    In the conclusion, due to the increase of technologies, people become more vulnerable to the disease of obesity. However, in order to overcome this problem, the most effective solution is to stop vanishing manual jobs in the market which are physically demanding.

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