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  • Shyam

    July 30, 2021 at 10:50 AM

    Many countries are facing numerous health problems, since obesity is main, which is mother of all diseases. In ancient times food was in scarcity, so obesity was associated with affluent. Now, in modern times, it is connected with lower socioeconomic status all over the world. There are many reasons for that, but the most valid one is processed foods, which are cheaper are not the healthy foods, nevertheless, they are incredibly popular. I shall suggest few ways in which the obesity epidemic can be mitigate.

    To start with, fast foods are beloved by all age group people in rich and poor countries, especially in developed countries they have huge popularity since high levels of development. People in these nations have preference of burger, french fries, soft drinks, pizza, hotdog in all time meals, because of hectic lifestyle, moreover these foods are ready to cook and eat.

    Despite obesity issues, there are number of ways these countries can fight more effectively. On the one hand, they can promote healthy foods like pulses, vegetables and fruits beside of junk food. In addition of this, they can impose higher taxes and other charges on unhealthy snacks with lowering price of healthy foods, although it can be supervise easily with less effort, still people are not controlling.

    Secondly, it can be managed with dietary education in school, college and other institutes teaching merits and demerits, additionally by organizing seminars with lucid presentation. Other than this, government can take help from well-known personalities to promote healthy diet, yoga, walk and meditation, which will give sudden effect on their follower’s mind.

    In conclusion, it is clearly visible “health is wealth”, still people are rushing toward money in spite of health, thus this lifestyle adversely affecting them.

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