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  • Anureet

    July 30, 2021 at 11:11 AM
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    INTRODUCTION: paraphrase clearly

    people- redundantly used twice

    people’s- their

    BP1: society a lot- a society that a lot

    ecosystems- different ecosystems

    BP2: put up: implement

    heavy fine is not a law its a punishment

    the repeated offenses- repeat offenders

    put up clearer ways- spread awareness and issue guidelines on how

    Like- For instance,

    Also the same for recycling bins- Also, the recycling bins can be made colour-coded

    separately can- separately which can

    CONCLUSION: I am certain- do not use this phrase in formal essay writing

    the increase of- an increase in recycling

    BAND SCORE: 3.5/6 Keep Writing!

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