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  • Sidharth

    July 30, 2021 at 8:39 PM

    Recently, an analysis titled “work from home” was published and its key findings are mentioned below.

    The primary reason for choosing to work from home is cost management for both men and women with 45 % of men and 42 % of females having this opinion. Other key factors include an increase in productivity and childcare, the latter of which was particularly favoured by women(26%) and less so by men(4%) while the former was an important factor for men(24%) while only a small percentage of women considered it(11%).

    There are some interesting observations in the “Hours worked from home ” statistic. An overwhelming majority of women worked under ten hours per week while only a small percentage of men did so. Most males regularly put in over 30 hours of work(81%) while it was the exact opposite for women(6%). Both categories aren’t particularly keen on working 10-30 hours a week with only 16 % of men and 22 % of women doing so.

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