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  • Ipshita

    July 31, 2021 at 9:10 AM

    Teenagers are the flag bearers of our future. We must make sure that they have a comfortable and winning edge over others. To make sure that they do not miss any opportunities in future, it is indeed important to teach them few survival skills.

    A healthy life starts with a healthy mind and body. To have a healthy life, one must be aware of good eating habits. This can be achieved if the person has some basic cooking skills. Eating outside or having packed food is not a permanent solution. One can eat well only if it is home-cooked. This will also manage the budget to some extent if managed thoroughly.

    Gender has nothing to do with learning any new skills, as in the modern world, one has to do a multitasking job. Some people may find it humiliating to learn few basic life skills which play a significant role in maintaining a balanced life. One should understand the importance of cooking in the long run.

    One can also learn few first aid methods to avoid medical mishaps. In Australia, all teachers must know first aid. Basic knowledge of giving first aids not only avoids accidents but also prevent them to some extent. Several instances prove that serious injury can be nipped in the bud if given attention.

    A person with such a skill is an added advantage for any organization. It will enhance one’s profile positively. Self-defence techniques are needed the most for working females. One can go around freely and live a peaceful life if they know to protect themselves from any unsocial elements.

    To conclude, whatever we learn today is going to be useful in future to a great level.

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