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  • Ipshita

    July 31, 2021 at 9:28 AM

    There is no point in denying the truth that every teenager, irrespective of any discriminatory factor, must learn survival skills like cooking, giving first aid, basic self-defence, among other things. These survival skills help an individual to survive in this contemporary world.

    Firstly, if we look at our past generations, we can find that our ancestors may be less technologically advanced, but, they used to know the basic survival skills like cooking, giving first aid, basic self-defence etc. For example, cooking is the utmost important thing that every individual should learn in life because we must consume a balanced diet to have a healthy life. Our predecessors used to intake hygienic food and, they lead a disease-free life. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the life expectancy of people was on the higher side.

    Secondly, I strongly agree that giving first aid and getting accustomed to the basic self-defence techniques, goes side-by-side. For example, if we look at the most disciplined individuals of our society, i.e., the army personnel, they are imbibed with both these aforementioned skills and they are selfless. Due to this, they do not have to depend on anyone to accomplish anything, irrespective of any kind of situation.

    In conclusion, I firmly believe that it is really important to teach survival skills like cooking, giving first aid, basic self-defence etc., to teenagers, irrespective of their gender, caste, creed, religion, race and other things.

    6.5 band score

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