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  • Ipshita

    July 31, 2021 at 10:09 AM

    It is necessary to teach kids basic survival skills irrespective of their gender and race.

    Firstly, In some parts of the world, basic skills are taught by the government by introducing mandatory military service. In countries like Israel, everyone must join the military service irrespective of their gender. During this service, they are taught basic skills like self-defence and first aid.

    Secondly, In countries like India, Parents are now much aware of the need for basic skills for teenagers due to global immigration as these skills will help their kids to survive in any part of the world. Previously, while men were biased about learning cooking skills, women were uncomfortable about learning self-defence. Nowadays both men and women are interested in learning all types of skills. However, in western countries, most teenagers leave home and start living individually. Moreover, human labour is costly that prompts them to learn household chores.

    Thirdly, In private schools and hostels. These skills are encouraged to learn as extra curriculum activities by introducing competitions among children. For example, schools are conducting self-defence competitions like karate for children irrespective of gender. They are also encouraging cooking as a passion for all genders. Nowadays, teenagers are taught basic first-aid skills that can get handy in case of a medical emergency around them.

    In conclusion, In this competitive world, everyone should learn basic skills which help them survive in day to day life irrespective of their gender and race.

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