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    August 2, 2021 at 1:43 PM

    Crime is a serious worldwide issue that deserves public attention. A section of the society believes that prison sentences for a longer duration can help reduce the crime, while others disagree and argue that there are other better ways to solve this. This essay agrees with the argument that alternative ways such as educating people and giving them resources to earn are far more beneficial than confining them to a prison cell. This essay will discuss both aspects.

    To begin with, many people believe that offenders deserve strict punishment because they need to pay for the crime committed. There are benefits of giving offenders longer prison punishment. Firstly, spending long time in prison provides an opportunity to rethink what they did. For example, if someone did the crime than he/she should provide re-education in prison so that he/she realize its mistake. A culprit who had done some crime. But when he came back from prison he had totally changed. As now, he is working and supporting his family financially and turned his life around. Secondly, if offenders are in prison which is far from society there might be possibility of reduction of crime in society.

    However, some people are against that leaving people in prison for long time means they will mix with other criminals so their character will not improve. As when mixed with other criminals they get bad influence and might increase the chances of committing crime again. Some culprit does minor crime such as stolen something, and those people should not get long prison sentence. For instance, a boy stole a T-shirt from shop because he didn’t have much money to buy cloths. Hence, I think those type of offenders should not be put on prisons instead should be in NGO supervision.

    In conclusion, long prison sentences should remain for those who commit heinous crime such as murder and rape as discourage them from committing offences. Furthermore, eradicating the root cause of crime by providing education and employment opportunities.

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