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  • Vasanth reddy

    August 2, 2021 at 5:56 PM

    Thrive in tourism had contributed a lot and lead english language to be the most important across the globe . This rises to a new thought that english will be the only language to be used as a tool of communication . There are many pros and cons of these consequences , as , it destroys the native languages which is deep rooted in hearts of the native speakers and also effects culture and tradition which is linked with language , however , it creates a borderless world which promotes peace and harmony as it gives the sense of one family moreover we never never find any chaos in communication between organizations where there is a difference in the language and also exchange of science and technology and knowledge can be accomplished which creates a world of oppourtunity

    Different parts of the world has various languages for communication and each and every language has its immense prominence . As we are exposed to our mother tongue when we were as infants and there is huge predominance of language over the customs and traditions many of the conservatives may feel it effects the heritage and identity of their own traditions where it creates riots over language and we experience gradual ravaging of native languages where there may be dominance of native english people all over the globe which may lead to huge turbulence in society .

    One of the main advantages of english being spoken across the world is exchange of culture and tradition and knowledge and science and technology ,nothing but , globalization can be achieved very easily . if there is no contrast in languages used students and research scholars can understand and can have a profound knowledge on research in various fields of science , technology and medicine . Ease of communication between two nations will be no more a problem as it fills the gap of communication as a bridge which leads to exchange of ideas , thoughts and whole world can achieve and surmount great heights together .

    Using one tool of communication can achieve great things but it should not have ill effects on the local languages as they have been part of native public for centuries as it is deep rooted and serves as a bridge to understand the great literature written by their ancestors , therefore , learn various languages but have a deep knowledge on your native language .

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