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  • upneet saini

    August 2, 2021 at 10:47 PM

    In the era of globalization, people have moved to overseas to pursue better living environments. It is often argued that being an inhabitant in an overseas speaking state can develop severe social awkwardness and practical difficulties. I totally agree with this statement and believe it does create a obstacles in person’s life.

    To embark on, the majority of people face notable problems in their daily as they do not know the local language. The foremost problem is that they face difficulty while communicating with local masses which affects their work and daily tasks. Moreover, it gets difficult for people to talk or comprehend things while visiting to shopping centres , grocery shops etc. and it will lead to irritabilty. For instance, in China, most of the instructions are written in their own native language which makes it immensely difficult for others.

    As moving further and lead to depression. If someone has to carry out some sort of official work in the local government offices or bank institutes, it causes utmost difficulty to the masses since they are not able to convey and express their thoughts to the other human beings and not able to follow instructions. Furthermore, students encounter tough times in understanding their lectures and speeches while studying in the college and it affects on their study. For instance, in colleges, scholars tend to ignore their mates coming from different states and continue speaking in their mother tongue, making it difficult for newcomers to interact with others.

    To recapitulate, in my opinion, one should know how to speak a foreign language otherwise it will lead to repercussions emotionally and financially as well.

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