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  • Sakshi Baidya

    August 3, 2021 at 10:34 AM

    Some individuals learn a foreign language in order to live abroad. Unfortunately, they encounter with practical and social issues. I strongly agree with this view, and this essay will provide arguments and examples in the following paragraphs.

    To begin with, knowing a vernacular would be beneficial while working. However, when a person has to converse with locals, they may face a problem. Furthermore, they hardly talk to local people and have little idea about the cultural diversity of the country. But, if a person doesn’t know about it, he/she come across with the problem of making new friends. As a result this situation may cause people to feel alone or excluded from the social life. For instance, a couple months from knowing I heard about my cousin, who had been abroad. It is said that, she hardened by not being able to talk with locals.

    Besides that, not knowing the language makes it harder for immigrants to find a direction, read important notices, order food from the menu, talk to local citizen to help and most importantly manage a job. It is quite natural that an employer would prefer someone who can communicate with people of the country without any barrier.

    In conclusion, people may have their own reasons behind residing overseas .It is very important for that person to learn the proper usage of language and they must choose better solutions in advance to deal with them.

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