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  • jaidheesh

    August 3, 2021 at 11:00 AM

    Some people believe that money plays a vital role in instilling and promoting happiness. However, in my opinion, there are other reasons apart from the money that can make people happy like one’s physical health and job satisfaction.

    I completely agree that people who lead a simple and meaningful life can be very contended. If the person has a sense of purpose, a reason to wake up every day, and provides for their family, then they will be in my opinion be the happiest person. Although money can buy you mostly anything, it is sadly not the case. Just like one’s health which cannot be purchased or restored once lost. Happiness will come automatically if the person is mentally and physically fit. Without their health, they cannot enjoy their wealth and cannot travel and see new places just as when they were fitter and younger. A different segment of people are business people who show off their wealth to others but they may have many problems and tensions along with social insecurities that can cause them to be unhappy.

    Other factors that contribute to happiness are people’s close family members and friends. People are social beings and if they are surrounded by their close family and friends at the time of need, they can think and act properly. Their ups and downs are supported by their close kins and the advice and moral support they receive can go a long way in instilling happiness in their hearts. This goes also for celebrations like birthdays, if their loved ones are present, they can enjoy their company and will be more elated. Another factor that causes happiness is job satisfaction. If the person is not happy at heart with their jobs, then the very reason for living is not there. A sense of purpose and a feeling to be productive and accomplish something is there in every person. And if this purpose is absent, it can cause stress and can lead to unhappiness.

    To conclude, although money can bring joy to the person for complete true happiness the person must have a purposeful life inculcated by job satisfaction together with sound health.

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