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  • Upneet

    August 3, 2021 at 11:11 AM

    There is no doubt that money is becoming the most crucial thing in the materialistic world. Some people believe that it shares a major contribution towards happiness. In my opinion, a man can be happy without much cash and other elements such as family, friends and good health promote joy.

    To embark on, there is an old saying that happiness is the state of mind. One cannot buy contentment with cash. A person’s greed for money can never be satisfied as they want to earn more and more. There should be satisfaction in one’s life. Moreover, some people are happy with their low income as they are able to pay for their domestic needs. For example, the rich class suffers from loneliness and depression more than middle-sections of the society. If wealth has had that much significance, than these people never feel like this.

    As moving further, there are other elements that makes people cherish. The support from the family and friends is the biggest pleasure in life. As the reason behind, is that the individuals always seek their family’s assistance to deal with the difficult situations in their lives. Besides that, the another considerable factor is having healthy mind and body. A person would remain cheerful and energetic if he himself sounds healthy. For instance, seven out of ten actors and actresses undergo rehabilitation to overcome anxiety and to find tranquillity.

    To recapitulate, money is important to live a comfortable life and also a key factor in promoting happiness. I believe that individuals can be happy without much money as this could lead to greed, however, other factors such as fitness and family pillar contribute in keeping individuals to stay jovial.

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