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  • jaidheesh

    August 3, 2021 at 6:04 PM

    Some people believe that it is imperative to keep both your homes and workplace clean by neatly organizing your belongings. I also agree with them that a person is more systematic and disciplined when he does this by keeping his surroundings clean and in an orderly fashion.

    A more organized individual keeps his home very clean and tidy. From my perspective, by keeping his home clean he can feel more relaxed than someone who makes a mess and keeps his home untidy. If the person has a structured routine lifestyle, he is bound to keep his home neatly organized. Like for instance, an organized person will find his clothes for work all pressed in his wardrobe and ingredients for his morning breakfast all stored in his fridge. He will wash his utensils and keep his dishes organized so that he can use them the next day. He would clean the carpets, scrub the floors and take out the trash to keep his home spot on for him to be more relaxed and comfortable at his home.

    This goes the same in his workplace environment also. A person who keeps his desk clean and systematically sorts his work files in cabinets according to daily priorities performs better at work. He is more efficient, and he does not waste his time unwantedly searching for misplaced files. A person who organizes and cleans his desk tells the character of the person. His colleagues and superiors will have a lasting impression of his personality and will appreciate his methodological work style.

    To recapitulate, keeping our homes and workstations clean says a lot about a person’s character and personality. He can perform better at work by being organized and relax better at his home by keeping it tidy.

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