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    August 3, 2021 at 6:22 PM

    While some people believe that global sports events are organised to show the qualities of the hosting nation, others say that it is just an insensible expense. I completely agree with the idea that it provides perfect opportunity to the hosting country to show their administration and other qualities to the world.

    Firstly, organise any sporting event on an international level has its own advantages like increasing the popularity of the games and also to choose the best among all, this helps in keeping competitiveness alive in the sport. The organising nation has to make preparations for the same and have to make sure that everything goes on smoothly. This surely tests their management and administration. For Instance, there are more than 100 countries which participate in one of the oldest sporting events called Olympics but only certain number of countries can be a host of the same, as it requires a lot of requirements to be fulfilled by the country to be a host.

    Secondly, the cost incurred to prepare for such an event is not completely unjustifiable because these expenses contribute in overall betterment of the infrastructure of that country. For example, several new stadiums were built in Delhi before hosting the Common Wealth Games in 2010, these stadiums are now used as the preparing grounds for our athletes as well as to organise domestic games. Despite this the cost incurred in preparing for these events can be spent in any other sector including Medical, Education etc.

    To conclude, It can be said that organising any international sports event can prove to be a bit costly but it has its own benefits which outburdens the expenses so incurred.

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