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  • Sanjay Pp

    August 3, 2021 at 6:43 PM

    Some people argue that international sports events like olympics commonwealth games are mere wastage of money and resources while others oppose such an arguement. In this essay we will analyse the economical benefits of hosting such big events ,and how conducting such an event could become a disaster .

    Conducting a global event invites more foreign people to our country which can tremendously boost our economy. For example if olympics happens in our country the foreign people coming to watch this spectacular athletic event also will be interested in visiting our heritage and tourist places which will obviously lead to the growth of tourist sector. Also they will be traveling between the event venues which will ultimately provide money to our local taxi drivers and other transport sectors.

    Another benefit is such global events will inspire millions of youngsters to become athlets and sportsmans. In case of india which is already one of the poorest performers in international sports events except cricket ,conducting such an event can give wings to our sports sector.

    But conducting such a big event is a double sided sword. If not done properly it can tarnish the reputation of the country at international level. Poor organization or even minor mistakes will be reported by native as well as international media and the government can literally undergo a mass prosecution.

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