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  • Ipshita

    August 3, 2021 at 9:34 PM

    Arts are vanishing from academics and society. We need to take measures to preserve them in modern society.

    Firstly, arts are linked to culture. To protect the culture, we need to encourage youngsters to study arts. Many arts like traditional singing and dancing are vanishing fast in the competitive world. Arts are still part of academics in India, but a smaller number of students. Though arts are part of Indian culture smaller number of students choose them as those subjects don’t provide many employment opportunities. Even some people in society have started judging students who take arts which is pulling them back from choosing those streams

    Secondly, schools and colleges should make some of the art subjects mandatory for science students. This way younger generation can preserve the extinction of arts to a point. However, large-scale measures like conducting interstate and inter-college competitions every year will also help students to grab the attention of science students. For example, In Andhra Pradesh every year there are cultural festivals held across the colleges and in government offices and a day is celebrated as a cultural day.

    Thirdly, the government should make it mandatory for employers in the private sector to reserve some quota for art students by this way it can attract the students for choosing the art streams. Not only that, the government should allocate a special budget and advertise on a mass scale targeting youth about the culture and its importance.

    In conclusion, it is a collective responsibility of society to revive the arts and bring them to their old form.

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