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  • Rittika

    August 3, 2021 at 9:38 PM

    Art education means different things to different people, but for me art is still the essential part of my life. Nowadays, people like to prefer the technical jobs because they feel they can make more money and secured their future, however, they are not aware of it that being good at technology or business is also an art. People tend to consider science, business, and technology more important than arts, the main cause of it is less knowledge about the professions. In our country most of the people map out the career for their kids and pressurized them to purse that and they don’t think about their kids interest, additionally we feel that if we want success and long term benefits then we should be an entrepreneur.

    We need to take some initiative to spread the awareness about arts, people should know that art education encourages creativity, thinking out of the box, problem solving skills, and teamwork. We should take the interview of those who are successful in music, dance, theater and visual arts and post it in social media. Art education should be the part of curriculum where children can learn the teamwork and change the mindset. If all the academic and professional institutes develop the fundamental of art education, so everybody will understand the importance of it. Folks who are the part of arts they are living their life happily because they know how to solve the conflicts and enjoy all the small moments of their life.

    In conclusion, we shouldn’t be biased for choosing the profession, instead of getting influenced by somebody’s profession we need to research and talk to the people who are already in the profession and to draw people’s attention, we must take the help of social media and post the interview of the successful artist.

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