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  • Ipshita

    August 3, 2021 at 9:42 PM

    The importance of art has been waning in recent times. A few reasons for it are as follows.

    Nowadays, a career in science or technology is considered secure and well paid. The same cannot be said for arts, where only a fraction of people make it to the top. The rest not only miss out but find it difficult to establish themselves in other fields. Arts can be described as a niche field where you need to be incredibly talented, hardworking and lucky to be successful. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many don’t even try as societies actively or passively discourage people from venturing into this field.

    Another important factor behind the reduction in the significance of arts is the lack of funding. In ancient and medieval times, many artists had the patronage of their respective Kings. They were rewarded handsomely for their works and lived lavish lives. To be a musician in the King’s court was considered a big honour. Times have changed. Governments don’t allocate enough funds to this sector for several reasons. Their primary concern is to provide for the basic needs of the people. Sadly, arts don’t fall into that category.

    In today’s fast-paced world, people don’t have time to appreciate the arts. Their jobs have consumed so much of their time, that they don’t have spare time to watch a movie or visit an art gallery. So, it’s no surprise that movie viewership among others has fallen. An industry that can barely support itself does not appeal to talented artists.

    It all sounds grim, but there are certain measures that if adopted can turn things around. First thing’s first, children at a young age need to be encouraged and supported if they are interested and talented in arts. Governments around the world need to allocate more funds and recognize the importance of this field. Public perception of the arts can be changed through various campaigns.

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