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  • Ipshita

    August 3, 2021 at 9:52 PM

    Nowadays, the importance of arts is considered not as much it used to be appreciated back in the days. Mobile phones, Information technology and financial literacy among the public makes people less vulnerable towards arts. I also believe that the dependence on modern technology in day to day life is the cause of lower interest in arts. Digitalizing Arts are the only solution.

    There are many reasons behind the loss of interest in Arts by the human race. Digitalization and the reliance on technology by humans are the major reasons behind the neglect of arts from human beings. In present days, almost every person uses electronic devices such as smartphones and computers. Due to the overuse of gadgets, these people tend to have a low interest in the arts. Secondly, financial studies attract people to become rich. These people who are further attracted by technology and finance show less interest in the arts. Because they think there is no scope in arts and studying it is not valuable. Therefore most of the people neglect Arts in present times

    Although the importance of arts has decreased, we can adopt ways to increase the awareness of the general public towards arts. This can be done by digitalizing arts and generating awareness about physical forms of arts, through technology this can be the most effective way to recover arts.

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