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  • Ipshita

    August 3, 2021 at 10:00 PM

    In the past, fine art was considered valued in the world. We still can see several monuments and artefacts from different cultures which amaze people of our generation to think how someone had built this. For example, pyramids from Egypt, Taj Mahal from India, Monalisa painting etc. However, considering today’s need, people perspective has changed and, most are leaning towards modern technology, science, and business. There are several reasons for a gradual decline in fine arts.

    First, art has become a difficult career choice for most students, as it does not pay desired income. One has to face a lot of struggles to make a good earning. In recent times, advancements in technologies such as computers, space, etc. have inspired youth to pursue their carrier in these fields as they get a better paycheck and a sustainable lifestyle.

    Secondly, to become a great artist for a decent income requires great expertise. This needs a lot of focus, time from the students. They also have to face fierce competition to get good projects or jobs. I think this is much easier for students to do a degree in technology, science and start their carrier in this field as there are huge demands nowadays for engineers and scientists. So, more and more students are making their choices in these fields.

    In my view, despite there is of a regular drop-in art’s popularity. We should promote art cultures. One of the ways to preserve arts is to maintain some museums about our art history that should focus on how the world-class painting or structure was made despite no advancement in technology. Government should focus on school’s curriculums for art subjects such as painting and sculpture. Parents also need to see the child’s ability, if he/she is creative and fascinated about painting then they should motivate him/her rather than discouraging.

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