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  • Jasmeet

    August 3, 2021 at 10:30 PM

    It becomes very difficult to live in a foreign country when you must speak their native language as it can lead to various social as well as practical problems. I completely agree with the statement as it can act as a barrier to communication and problems like finding a job.

    The people migrating to foreign lands find themselves in a problematic situation when they cannot speak and converse in their home language as it does not enable them to understand their culture and traditions. Sometimes, it may lead to miscommunication of thoughts and ideas which further may result into social crisis or racism. In this way, they feel neglected and discriminated from others. For instance, it becomes very difficult for an Indian to live in London when he does not have inkling regarding their native language.

    Moreover, it becomes an arduous task for immigrants to find a job at overseas. In this case, even employers do not prefer selecting them as they deprive of basic knowledge about their native language. They even fail to read the important notices, understand their rules and regulations. Migrants sometimes can’t even order food online with this issue. Less the knowledge of foreign language, more they suffer and manage to survive.

    To conclude, people moving to foreign countries must learn the basics of their language before entering as it will ease their task and help in finding them a job and ask for help of citizens if they are in need which may result in avoiding various social and practical problems.

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