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  • Suraj

    August 4, 2021 at 12:13 AM

    Dear Aire,

    I’ve got your letter and I’m glad to know that you and your family are doing well. Me and my family are fine and healthy here. I’ve been on the lookout to find suitable job openings and came across a foreign marketing manager role at Saner which might interest you.

    Saner is a local smartphone manufacturing company which is looking to step into the foreign market and needs someone to lead a marketing team specifically targeted to people overseas. They are looking for people experienced in marketing electronic gadgets with preference to foreign candidates as they believe people coming from abroad will have a broader perspective required for the job.

    This job is a perfect fit for you because you have an MBA degree in marketing, experience working as an associate marketing manager at Samsung Electronics and fulfill the requirement of being a foreigner. You can apply for this role online at job offers section which is located in the top right corner of their website “”.

    Looking forward to meeting you and reminiscing our times together at college. Write again if you need any more information.

    Best wishes

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