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  • Nilesh

    August 4, 2021 at 1:35 PM

    Dear John,

    How are the things with you? Yesterday night, I have reached safely to home town from Sydney. Thank you so much for accompanying and accommodating me during this visit. I had great time with you. Today, while unpacking, I have realised that I have forgot my envelope at your home during this tenure & hence i am writing this letter to you to check and find out that envelope and courier back to me.

    This envelope is very important to me. I have travelled mainly to Australia to sign a deal with EPC firm. The all signed contractual documents are in that envelope only. Without these documents the new contract will not stand valid & this could lead to my dismissal from the company. I guess, I have kept this envelope in guest room cupboard where I have kept my luggage.

    Hence, please try to send this parcel as soon as possible via DHL express delivery to my address so that i can furnish the same to my manager within 3 days time. Without any fail, send me your bank account details so that i can transfer the said amount which is required for courier.

    Rest of things are fine with me. Once Again thank you so much spending time with me. I have really cherished this tour only because of you. Please do visit to my hometown.

    Hope to see you soon.

    Take care.



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