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  • Suraj

    August 4, 2021 at 2:59 PM

    Most of us do not spare time to clean our dwellings regularly. However, many argue that it is essential to keep the places where we spend most of our time in, such as our homes and workspaces neat and tidy. I completely agree with this argument as untidy surroundings lead to several health issues whereas well ordered habitat improve efficiency and mood.

    Firstly, to maintain a proper personal hygiene it is necessary to tidy your personal spaces. With proper hygiene one can avoid several diseases such as dengue, typhoid, diarrhea, flu and other allergies which result from untidy surroundings. For example, people living in apartment buildings and societies with regular cleaning are less susceptible to common cold and other flu.

    Secondly, one’s efficiency of work, comfort level and mental health improve when his/her habitat is well kept while same person gets more irritable and depressed when it is cluttered. People are able to concentrate and get more work done in a shorter span of time when their work-desk is organized and they have sufficient place to sit comfortably. Many psychologists suggest patients suffering from depression or anxiety to live in a cleaner atmosphere. For instance, a local therapist said that more than 50 percent of her patients’ condition improved when they started cleaning up. Although people complain saying they do not have time for cleaning, it takes little time when regularly done and is a worthwhile sacrifice to make for a healthier and happier living.

    To conclude, while regular clean up of the places you frequent will take up some time it will bring an overall improvement to your lifestyle as it protects you from common diseases, increases your work efficiency and maintains your mental health.

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