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  • Avi

    August 4, 2021 at 7:10 PM

    Culprit is the one who do crime for any reason. This is the terminology which we expect from everyone. And also we anticipate that this men will gotten the name of Criminal. But this is not necessary to say that in reality this name won’t given to all the Culprits and also this is not mandatory that whoever got this name is a Criminal. We have listened lot of secretive crimes regularly which have never been exposed, many reasons behind this, sometimes this happened because the victim would have feared the bad consequences of future which would have happened to him or his near one’s or sometime it’s that he doesn’t know about the police who would give him the justice. This Crime has been taken place alot. I understand that education can take an important place to reduce the rate of crimes. Our country will rise if we progress of our neighborhood.For a revolution not many one , a single one is enough.

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