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  • Nidhi

    August 5, 2021 at 12:11 AM

    Basic survival skills are vital for any individual and I completely agree that it should be taught to youth.

    Cooking, giving first aid, basic self-defense,etc. are primary skills and can be applicable at any point of life. These skills help in sustaining, in addition to being independent. For instance, a child got hurt while playing he/she could manage the minor injury by themselves rather leaving it, which can cause infection if not treated with a disinfectant.

    Survival skills are recommended to be up- skilled at teenage. At adolescence, children tend to navigate and find their own identity. Besides, these skills will boost their confidence, curiosities and give them a sense of independence. It is a tender age in which they tend to be volatile towards various perception of world. Educating them equality, moral values and encouraging them to contribute the society by offering help to the needy ones would make a difference in the way they act.

    In conclusion, enlightening youth with basic skills could result in building a better foundation for their journey of life as it comes with gratuity in various forms.

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