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  • Shweta

    August 5, 2021 at 1:03 AM

    These days, some people are in a belief that we are surrounded by plenty of choices for each and everything. If we pick any aspect of our life, we so have more than one option to choose from, whether it be food, entertainment, travel, heath care, and so on. This essay will shed light on this topic followed by my point of view.

    We live in a materialistic world. We have atleast more than one option for everything. For instance, for the birth of a child, these days hospitals have come up with several packages that includes various services, beginning from the delivery of a child to the post-birth photoshoot of the baby. Afterwards, in which prestigious and reputed play school, a child should should be admitted.
    However, some people do believe that providing too many choices is not beneficial for the society. Since, this has somehow divided the society, where people with money can choose from various options, whereas poor people have to suffer as they are not left with any option. Such as, heath care systems is also divided and it has become partial for rich and poor. Where rich people are provided with options of personal suites in a hospital for their treatment and those with who do not have much money are not treated well.

    To sum up, I believe there should be choices available, but for only those things that does not bring any sort of harm to the society. We should have option to select between good and bad only. Apart from this, too many choices only bring chaos.

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