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  • SK

    August 5, 2021 at 5:49 PM

    culprits are the one who do crimes for reasons. this is the terminology which we expect from all. Also we expect to declare these people as culprits. but it is not necessary to tell that, this declaration not be given to all culprits in reality. and also this is not mandatory that whoever get this name, is a culprit. we often heard about secrete crimes, which are never been exposed, lots of reason are there, sometimes this happened because the victim scared from the bad consequences for future, which could be happened with him or his own. Moreover, he doesn’t know about the law, which could give him justice. these crimes are in many numbers. i understand that, education play an important role to reduce the status of crimes. our country will grow and we progress our surroundings. For a revolution, a single man is enough not many.

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